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I’m just coming back to play the game again cuz I love this game.

that was so fun!

Anyone else remember playing these as a child? No? Well, anyway it wasn't as scary back then.

Very good game, hard sometimes but very good 

I really enjoyed the game but I feel so trolled knowing that I couldn't turn around, It also would have been super cool if there was 2 endings. Overall really great game

to good

BROOO that scared me lmao.

God that scared me

i have a migraine, but i loved it.


please add an option to change the sensitivity

Very good game! The hand really got me! 

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Cool game, it looks good.

i unlocked pro gamer because i finished hard level where the black guy chases you


im convinced this is a rage game 


love this game was even scarier with headphones on  


maze 3 is way to hard


Im on a chromebook and I beat it easily pussy

you probably thought that the hitbox was the whole pointer. its just the tip




very scary 10/10 would allow permission to my visual cortex again

Berry good => 

This was creepy! Hope to get a part 2 to this game! 


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that was fun but not scary at all 9/10 :)

Very laggy but nice game :)


it's laggy bc of you pc



I really like this game, very unique, and, it's not scary but creepy and gives you a feeling of paranoia we've all felt before. great game, please keep honing your skill, you can do it.


really damn spooky, hated the part where the hand appeared in the window. The atmosphere really adds to the horror. good job.

Please, make a downloadable version for PC.

I love this game its very creepy hehehe


me mee encima, muy buen juego


I can't get passed the level after ''nothing is behind you'' The level after that has arrows and moving squares and I can't get past it :( 



So I got past it and I can't explain it but when you are in the square, try moving forward with it, then when the square moves back, stand still. If you are far enough forwards without getting hit, you should teleport into the next square, repeat and done. You can look up video's on youtube (which is how I did it lol) to see what I mean if you don't get it :) Good luck!! 


This game is really GOOD

im am brazilian and this game is cool

This game took me FOREVER to beat! Great job on it!


I really love this game!

Always freze in loading

I had same trouble,you can try to open it everyday,I can open after 2~3 days(Mine is Microsoft Edge)

I like it very much !!!


Really spooky :) love it !! <3<3<3<3

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