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this is a great game ! but i can't download it ... i really don't know why ?

great game!

Good game !

im not even scared im just mad on how hard that game was

when that one were you turned around and the evil guys on your PC I wasn't scared of him I just didn't like the SFX.

also the final jumpscare, I knew it was coming. BECAUSE ITS A DAMN HORROR GAME OF COURSE THERE'S A FINAL JUMPSCARE THAT'S REALLY good game 7.5/10 good game inside game but the jumpscares don't scare me.

also guys

is there someone behind you?



I'm literally in a dark room right now.... this is so freaking creepy.

I love the game design, how the guy moves the mouse with you, clicks with you and...

Actually... you, the reader...

there is no one behind you...

This game was just amazing. It constantly put you on edge and was really challenging. Super fun. 

Thanks for not making the cliche jumpscare while at the maze 🙏

holy fuck, this was a roller coaster of frustration, anger and horror.

i thought escaping the red cursor would give me a good ending or something lol

I really enjoyed this game, even though I died 45 times, haha. This game makes me want to play more mouse-maze games.

The atmosphere was on point too. I repeatedly caught myself looking at the window, listening closely to the noises around me, and making sure my guard was up.  

All in all a great game, 10/10.

good horror game, had to change my pants twice.(jk) 


its a good twist on the good old scary maze game


are there different endings or only one? because if there is only one then it was a cool game and if there are more then im definetly gonna play this again 

I played it for my YouTube channel ( ) and will be uploading the session sometime in the next week or so.

I received a different ending than the commenter ImpactGang. My ending said "there is nothing behind you" and sent me back to level 1 from what I could notice.

ImpactGang's ending was a jump scare type ending.

So there's definitely at least two endings to the game. I'm not sure about if there's more than two.

Dreader Gameplay (WATCH TILL THE END!!!!) - YouTube


frustrating, but cool!

heard in mobile

Ok, that was brilliant!


Damn this game was quite frustrating at times as i kept trying to go to fast but christ it was making me uncomfortable and was scary at the same time, i loved it!

A true masterpiece! I myself enjoyed it very much! I know what this is like. Stuck inside on a rainy day/night not much to do. This really does capture the horror of being alone. Simple yet terrifying! You truly are gifted Donitz!

Great game..but its hard but not soo


great game! loved the idea and look of it! please make a 2nd one!


Really good game, a small bit frustrating but I don't mind. Atmosphere is great, loved the added touch of the hand movement and mouse sounds. Lovely piece of work you have here.



Meh, I don't want to work this hard for a good scare. I have an unsteady hand, so I give up.


Pro Tip-The Only Thing That Can't Touch The Walls Is The TIP Of The Cursor


pro gamer unlocked :D

really good game

very cool game


yooo that was so fun


i got a heart attack

(1 edit) (+7)

this game made me frustrated than scared 💀

Same here kinda, still a great game though.


A really good game! Loved it!


An excelent game, the end scared me xd.

Congrats to the creatot


this is fucked up


Woah how did you program this? Making such an UI is already complex with html/css haha. Epic game!!!


this isss a rageeee game i rages hard but i fanally beat it i never got scared or anything bc i was raging alottt!!!!!!1


Fantastic game. Short, straight to the point. Great piece of horror. A voiceless Lovecraftian scream.


oh hell naw fuckin cthulhu lookin ass is hunting me

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