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Is anyone elses not working>

This game sucks because it is just stuck on the loadin

very spooky oooo

Its not hard yall's just bad

pretty good also if you beat the maze section where *spolier* everything changes and the skull guys is behind ya then the thingie goes back to the start and if you make it there it cuts you off and says pro gamer unlocked in golden text

Ha ha ha not even scary

it's more hard than scary


to enraged to b scared

filled me with absolute RAGE aka the moving sqares


awesome!!! this game gave me chills and was very enjoyable. thanks!


is there only one ending?

not scary just rage.



its a good game, not really scary tho. the end is really cheesy and the mazes make me rage

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not that scary and the ending is really cheesy


Actually it doesn't even make me scared 🌚


more of a rage game then a scary game


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nice game not the scariest game

anyone else get the "pro gamer" text? made me laugh, + already very cool little game, thank you devs

I can't move once I am half way through the level after the boat level does anyone know why??


I had a pretty enjoyable experience playing this game. It provided a good amount of scares and kept me entertained, although I did struggle with some of the mazes.👍


I loved it! I remember the old maze jumpscare "games"and I am glad this wasn't one of those!  I REALLY liked the use of sound and subtle scares!  Fantastic job my good friend!

I liked the game, even if the hitboxes felt way too big/unclear at times.

only the tip of your mouse is a hitbox the pointer itself not the whole white mouse only the tip

I know, I beat the game, its just that it is unclear which part of the tip is the hitbox.


i had to zoom out lol

why is my screen so wide?

Very good, short game would definitely recommend to people who like a short, unsettling puzzle game.

its nice. loved it,

nice game design, but not scary


           the end

it doesnt work whenever I get to the level after the ferry it FREEZES


not scary at all (i watched "When you're emotionally dead inside and play horror games")


this game sucked it made me angry and it made my mouse move on it on and glitched me ton die mutilpul times iI dont reccomed!!! IT WAS NOT SCARYYYYYY!


good game,wasn't that scary but still good :D



but the final jumpscare wansnt really scarry


Was pretty boring but i really like how it looked


It's pretty creepy. I was playing it with a few friends watching and one of them seemed absolutely mortified. Everyone else (including me) was a little creeped out. And why does everyone think it's hard? It's really not. I'm no speedrunner, and I easily beat it in less than 10 minutes. But anyway, pretty easy, very creepy, definitely worth a try. I just wish it was longer, like maybe 30 minutes or even an hour of playing time.

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