It's a dark and stormy night. How about a game?

Dreader is a short mouse maze game with horror elements.

Warning: This game contains flashing lights and stripes and may be unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


The game is controlled using the mouse.

The full credits are in the game.


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it was very noice ;)

i love it!!!!!

loved this short horror game!


This game was fantastic! My roommate and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!

I clicked descend instead of look behind you and the lv is impossible

Is there another ending 


Is there another ending 

if you don't look behind you?

Loved the maze concept! Short and scary at the same time!

Pro gamer unlocked!

Hmmm.....I LIKE THIS GAME (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

IT'S SO COOL,★★★★★

Its a really good game. I was stuck in the moving block level for quite a while...really liked all the levels. Amazing!



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i was playing this game in school and its very scary you have to have some skill to play but its a fun game overall 10/10

Amazing. Just amazing

I can't pass the moving block thing to save my life 

I had to watch a walkthrough to get past it... it's not as easy as you think...

this game almost made me rage quit... check out my breakdown in this nearly 40 minute video...



Omg it was kinda scary even tho I loved this so much! <333


i failed again

Man this was so cool, i really like all about it, and omfg the ending was so cool

Love it <3

As soon as I read it's desc., it reminded me of the maze game with the jumpscares. 
I expected it to be a simple maze game with a jumpscare each time I lose it. 

Wow,I was at the edge of my seat with my face near the screen.


this was good

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I really appriciate that you didn't put a dumb jumpscare at the end of one of the mazes but knowing that it was a posibility made me nerveous which is all scary games are about. I love the hand in the window thing, it feels easily missable but isn't which enhances the experience. The ending however was kinda underwhelming, the creature could be only a black figure with has a scribble face, a skull felt basic but i liked the camera thing.

One extra thing: there could be a different ending with the red cursor. I tried to lure it to ./escape instead of just clicking the ./escape which could lead to a different ending. Like setting it free from the program kind of thing.

gg man love the visuals 

I got completely lost in this one till right before the end.  This was an excellent experience. 

no please i cant i am on the 2nd turn around part (i am actually scared to play this)


i made it to the end but that was so scary and ez so i played it again - but second time this happened

i just clicked Alt+F4 because i was too scared to play again and that was just because of the black guy walking to me

That was so scary I pooped my pants because I thought I was in the game then I felt the big stinky in my pants, looked at my keyboard and realized that this isnt real but it was still scary


Damn i love sitting in my room at night and playing creepy games like this


very swag


This was such a good experience damn...


This is the best game i ever played not gonna lie!

With Scarymaze as an ancient refrence you have managed to pull off a modern mastery of maze horror! I was taken back to the time of being a 10-12 year old and jumping out of my skin in the summer at my friends house as we egged each other on to try it and getting giddy as we walked the path of the maze, anxious of the enevitable jump scare. Thats the exact feeling I got from this game. Congrats. I recommend this game!

So fucking GOOD! xD it reminds me the times when this type of horror game were popular and there was the one with the exorcist's daughter at the end that would scary anyone! xD (and make laugh a lot all the ones who wasn't scaried lol) 

that was the best game xddddd

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