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That was so cool!!!!

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and though the end custscene only scared me for a second (calming down once the player character was attacked) the ending animation was really cool!!!!


very nice!!!

The game is still loading and I can already feel my heart beating

Short, invigorating horror game! Glad to see it didn't rely on jumpscares. Great use of atmosphere, and an interesting tease of narrative at the end.


nbjgyug   hiiu

Absolutely stupendous experience/game! Excellent at building suspense. The end was more "WTF??" than terrifying, but that's okay! I like the premise, the world building, and the style of gameplay a lot. I feel like game designers could really take a page from this game!

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It was really fun, thanks for making it

a downloadable version please...

nice :) made me jump!

I didn’t see any problems. The monster looks good and the game is very solid!

I like the game 4 of 5 stars


That was so good. P L E A S E turn this into a full indie game. This is one of the best games that I've played in a while.

довольно интересная игра, но скримоту нужно добавить 100%


Quite an interesting game, but the screamers needs to be added 100%

Very cool game. Good work

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really cool game! had me torn between looking behind me and possibly dying or continuing on. a little frustrating on the maze part but overall really nice


gameplay starts at 9:58. This was my first experience with any type of this genre of game and I really liked it! The events leading up to the end really kept me on my toes and started to get frustrating and tense. great job!


This was REALLY GOOD! Took a very simple concept and made it into a truly terrifying experience. I love the subtle horror rather than constant obnoxious jump scares. Really good pacing, some of the mazes were challenging, and very cool camera effects and movements. This game has it all! 

Hilarious video. The editing is great :D

its amazing i must say i need part 2

I want to play

the loading wont let me pass to the game

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It's a wierd bug in the initial audio loading. I have yet to reproduce it in any browser so I'm unsure how to solve it.

This was a neat little excursion, the use of the maze to build tension was neat, my only complaint would be that the final reveal was a little underwhelming - the threat was far scarier when I hadn't seen it.

o,o this scare me


great game.. not sure if i found a cheesy way to pass one of the stages or the way to complete it..... Either way had a lot of fun playing..

anyone having an issue with the game not getting pas tthe loading screen?

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Which browser do you use? The game won't work in IE, but should work in Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Tried running it in the app. Just stayed on the loading screen. Didn't realize it's technically a browser game.

Not happy, because all the browsers have tried and are still loading

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Can you click CTRL+Shift+K in Firefox, or CTRL+Shift+J in Chrome and say what the last error is in the console?


Gave the game a go, possibly more thorough than was probably needed lol 

This game is so cool! Very well-made, Dreader is a creeping-style of horror game that takes its time, slowly drawing you into its grasp. There’s several frightening moments, but one in particular stands out, and stayed with me after I finished playing. Dreader is brief, but its got plenty of time to scare you. If you’re a horror fan, play this: You’ll enjoy it. 


Really liked your video, great reactions :D

very good



Loved it





Pretty cool. The pointer was pretty laggy though compared to my actual mouse and a lot of times when I would make movements it would struggle to keep up with them which resulted in what felt like a lot of unjustified deaths, making it more frustrating than I think it should have been.

Sounds like the performance was too low. I did try it on a fairly low-end laptop and the game was playable. It may just be some graphics card quirk.

Beautifully creepy! I love small games like this that start with a simple idea and manage to add an original twist to it. Well done!

Thank you!


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