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oh ik


How do I get through the first level with moving blocks?


overall great game the title make sense cause you will get the feeling of Dread

Great Game!!

Loved it worth a play

Had a lot of fun with this one! I cannot understand how someone would NOT turn around when they can see something behind them! LOL

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It's an interesting concept and a fun game. Though there are times when the hit detection on the walls feels a little stiff overall it's an entertaining experience.

Great gam

Great game, it was more of an experience but I enjoyed it 10/10


"You already know it's a bad idea but your gut tells you to push on. As you have to focus harder and harder to progress that sense... that sense of dread encroaches upon you...."

Great atmosphere I have to tell you. I was set up to jump out of my chair but a little let down in the jump scare department. The visuals really did stand out though.

GGs  :)

This game is very fun, I would recommend, plus you can play it in your browser, so no download required

Rad. Absolutely rad. Nailed the aesthetic, the sound and the wild way this game wraps up. Seriously this is phenomenal.

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A really interesting concept and pretty good game!

Artistically,assembles the way computers interfaces look like, and in my opinion, it looks really nice, the "black and green" interface and models are really pretty

The sounds used are pretty good too, that disrupting noise when you hit a wall with the mouse gives a sudden feeling that the player has lost, and that your mouse crashed into a wall, of course, and the background sound is nice too, it would be too repetitive if you play it for too long though, and would give a feeling of staleness.

The mechanics, i really never thought or played a game based on the screamer maze mouse game, you really implemented it well, and considering that the screamer is kind of old, the aesthetic of old computer fits well with the theme

Its a really short and nice game, and also has some replaybility too

keep it good and keep it souled!

PD: I'm a pro gamer lol

The game-in-a-game concept works well, it's a very good idea, and is very compenently made, also, it ran very fast in my browser, absolutely well-made game.

your game is apart of a 3 random horror game series and starts at 21.23.

I actually quite enjoyed this short horror game.

I was quite scared.Thank you for making this, hope to see more from you.

i was terrifed, good game!

this game scared me so hard

10/10 terrifying game i loved it tho i got real scared a decent amount so yeah

boring delete it.s broken


asowme nice game dude


awesome game, very cool, 10/10


i hate this game

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Very fun even though it's a short game. 100% worth playing, the ambience is incredible.


not good




bro watchu mean not good 

Awesome game! I was constantly looking over my shoulder just to make sure I was alone.

like this game realy :D


It nice!Because I can't play the game!

So good and much more challenging than meets the eye!


I was terrified lol but goog game


very good. would love to see a longer version of it


very well made game




the game itself isnt scary, but the it was so tense that it made my heart skip a beat at the end; great construction!! 


Not gonna lie, i was closing one eye most of the time lol. GOOD GAME ! 

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