The Tileset Explorer is a repository for the Procedural Tileset Generator. This tool automatically generates random seeded autotile tilsets, which can be downloaded and used directly in Godot, or in other game engines with a little work. The seeds (number in filename) can also be imported back into the tileset generator for further adjustment.

You can optionally also opt-in to like tilesets (the little heart button) to make them easier to find by other people in the "Show liked tilesets" category. The likes are rate limited and a popup will tell you when you need to slow down.

This tool works best in fullscreen mode. Click the little button in the corner.

These are the palettes used:

sweetie-16 pear36 endesga-32 pico-8 dawnbringers-8-color steam-lords commodore64 microsoft-windows zx-spectrum color-graphics-adapter cga-palette-0-high ammo-8 slso8 2bit-demichrome titanstone 1bit-monitor-glow

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TagsAsset Pack, Generator, Godot, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Sprites, Tilemap, Tileset

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