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Amazing game! definitely a spooky one! See my youtube video on the game here!

Very cool game


confusing af but cool ending

Nice short game!


takes way too long


10/10 the best game ever gave me a chill down my spine

Nice game !!! , I love this game !!!


so so so good


wow the plot twist at the end was crazy

Deleted 156 days ago

yes they are

You got me bro


very pointless game 👍🏼



im so confused i love it



what the fuck just happene

This was really good. Actually made me scared!!

I really enjoyed this game! Excellent use of atmosphere, music, and sound effects!

Hello! This game was super fun to play. Hopefully i did your game justice in my lets play! 

loved the game, was so scary that my soul left me a couple times ha ha.Good ending 10/10 well made.


I really loved this game. It's exactly what I hope for when I play a game like this and I hope to see more from this dev :)

such a great game

hi check this video out it will help a lot

We had fun and it was a pretty wild ride TY!

this game fucking scared me LIKE DAMNNN



This game was amazing! There was amazing scares and an unsettling environment all around It also wrapped up with a good ending to everything. (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested)

really had me on the edge of my seat!!! GREAT GAME 

Gameplay en español.
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Honestly my favourite aspect was the recreation of the feeling of when you're young and cycling back home after dark through the countryside. That shit was spooky. 

Even if it was creepy sometimes though, this game really made me nostalgic for those summer nights biking over to a friends, often a little drunk off of my parent's booze lol The ambient noise and control scheme really helped with this, set the tone and scene perfectly.

Honestly I'm gushing over this game as if it's some cosy adventure game haha. I assure you it's definitely a horror game, and delivers on that with all the bells and whistles. In fact, it gradually builds towards more cosmic horror towards the end, unsettling you with grotesque and otherworldly imagery. 

Overall though I just loved the weird, creepy sentimentality of it all. I suppose it's quite akin to anything like IT or Stranger Things in that respect (albeit with a greater focus on horror). Just cycling around town on an old bicycle, careless rectitude abound. Yet also being that much more vulnerable to the world around you, with all it's dark secrets off the beaten track, watching you from beyond the pine trees.

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