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Great game with great atmoshpere and storytelling through environment. 

Super scary game made ems cream so loud!

What a terrifying experience... I Loved it!

Can we download the game?

this the best short horror game bro I swear to god this is scary and has good animation


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so scary!!


Game engine ???

I want to know so badky

Am a beginner so any tips please

It was made using the three.js framework, used by almost everyone for 3D rendering online (Even by NASA).

This game was an absolute blast to play, and the twist at the end made it all the more worthwhile.

this game was awesome ness i wished i could eated the burg

good job


i love the twist!!

Прохождение на русском:

Best game ever in my life thank you for making this game i can't live without this game (please make more games like this).

9/10 So many sweet delectable screams. Just wish there was a part two!  



The first scare shook me so much. That was one of my more embarrassing moments. Aside from that, this game had such a GOOD TWIST! I was very impressed. Amazing job, and thank you for making it!

Thanks for making one awesome game, had a lot of fun playing it during my last stream over here:

Keep up the good work!

Really enjoyed the game! Great spooks and story~ 

this game was amazing i love the twist and it kinda scared me a bit and bro when the girl was trying to kill me i was like nah bro this is like a 10v1 but she was ez and the car guy got me by suprise this game is amazing i love how it said have a nice meal loll

Un juego demasiado bueno con un final insesperado 10/10 

Nice Horror Game! Please create more like this

Si disfrutas con los videojuegos de terror en primera persona y además de manera intensa, con este Short Horror Game by Donitz, BURGER & FRIGHTS pasarás MUCHO MIEDO. Es tarde en la noche y se te antojaban hamburguesas. Es hora de volver a casa. ¿Podrás llegar?
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Cool game. I enjoyed the graphics and the atmosphere. It is a little boring at times redoing the loop, but that's mostly to blame on my impatience. Mostly it was creepy and made me dread a little what was to come, so good job. I did laugh at the monster riding the bike though, not sure if it was intentional but it was kind of goofy and I liked it haha.

Loved the last part you go to, and the twist. Leaves just enough for the imagination.

I wish it wasnt a browser game but yes a windows game coz it was a nightmare to record but very good game so make more

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Click read more for review, spoilers will be included.

4/10 game overall, the basic concept is brilliant but most of the ideas in this game are just so generic that they can't be saved by the execution. I feel like the whole "You killed someone and now you're reliving the event" thing is just way too overdone to work, and a lot of the enemies (especially the evil car) feel cheesy and not that scary.

On the positive side, the best part of the game was definitely the section with the multiple ghost girls coming at you. The monsters there are legitimately creepy, and the atmosphere is at it's most intense. The other chases don't really reach that same level of scare factor, considering how the gameplay forces you to not worry about what the monster is doing and makes you focus entirely on dodging obstacles.

Another point I have is the immersion factor, I felt like it was hard to truly relate with the protagonist, probably due to the cutscenes completely taking control away from the player and the time loop parts showing up way too fast and being way too jarring and obvious. I wonder how much smoother the game would feel if instead of you teleporting back, you just looped around to the burger place every time.

The low poly graphics don't help either. In some games it works but here it just makes all the monsters look slightly goofy, wish their faces had some more movement to them so they could seem more like living creatures rather than just game characters.

Overall, the main concept is executed pretty good but a lot of the ideas are really bad and it's just not that scary. Type of game that deserves a good sequel or remake.

Simple but nice👍


WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too long for no payoff whatsoever. Two stars for a cool concept and neat gameplay that got stale on the third loop.


stale? no payoff? buddy you need to play the whole game before commenting this

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Alr alright, I thought you had made this comment halve way through playing the game. If that's just your opinion that okay, but before you call it garbage you should remember that months of work went into this game, whether or not you think it's bad. ( I WAS NOT scared of the car with teeth lol)

Someone sent me this during a livestream… so I ranked it 👀 

Ranking Short Horror Games On a Scale From 1/10 | Burger And Frights


I played it at 4am idk how im gonna sleep now 

10/10 really fun

This game was very good. Abuela was a good character, love jumpscare, 10/10 i reccomend, i wish i got home though with my abuela

Okay so. what I've pieced together about this lovely horror game is that the entire time the monster or whatever is us? the main character that we play as? I was thinking maybe we got hit by the driver and both we and the driver in the car die.

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