It's a late night and you were craving burgers. It's time to ride home.

Burger & Frights is a short horror game in which the player rides a bike throughout a dark forest. The game was inspired by games such as Rides with Strangers, and a certain horror movie by John Carpenter.

The game is best played in fullscreen mode.


The game is controlled using the mouse and keyboard. The control scheme is displayed ingame.


The full credits are in the game.

Feedback and bug reports will be most welcome!

Development log


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a good and enjoyable game. Checkout the video :)

Man, this was done well! Loved the original ideas and all the scary bits!


great work. these low poly horror games are the best. keep up the good work

Graphics amplified the game's horror factor really well, i really liked the usage of the looping mechanic and it had a nice flavor with the ever changing encounters. Thank you for making this!

Nice twist at the end

white woman tried to jumpscare me for not being vegan and eating burgers but little did she know my bike is fast and the manager (skull guy at the end) is faster

This Is An Absolute Masterpiece!


Great concept and gameplay.  Wish there was a little more intro, maybe picking up the burgers.  I have no big complaints though.

a pretty scary game 10/10

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Este juego me pareció excepcional. Incertidumbre, paranoia, sangre y terminamos con un poco de Terror Cósmico. 10 de 10 Ribeyes

This game scared the living hell out of me. Played with loud speakers, a lit room and two friends and i still managed to get sweaty and scared shitless. 10/10 good first horror game experience.

Twist plot!


I hate this game because is not working on android device is only working on PC and i dont have a PC

your getting mad cause you don't have PC and who's fault is that, yours not the creator.

Well thats your problem.

Nice game bro :)

is red car 🚗 

La verdad un juegaso bastante genial!!! no me esperaba el final la verdad, fue algo muy inesperado, si gustan ver un gameplay de el, les comparto mi experiencia ♥ 

круто (я пришёл после валеры гостера)

Super fun amazing ending and delightful change of pace to the usual horror tropes! good job check my video out to see how I fared 


This was really fun. I like the style a lot ! 

Keep it up :) 


trash game


dont play it then




Had an absolute blast playing this! Absolutely amazing!

holy shit I loved it, very good twist at the end, and really nice art style :3

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 Great Game! The jumpscares and the atmo

very gu



Joguinho top e muito bizarro

Took the game seriously, no matter the fear I would always deliver the burgers. Stand out game on itchi. Very creative on the scares



I really enjoyed playing this game. It made me jumpy throughout the whole playthrough even when nothing scary was actually happening, and I really loved the condensed story and how well put together it is. I made a reaction to the game if that is ok to give a type of feedback to the dev and just as a boost so you know how much I liked this game. I hope you make more games in the future. Good Luck!

i played this game yesterday and i was scared but i just now finished it and i am done and i am not scared

That was literally so scary and unexpected ending



wow wow wow

What is the name of the music on the end?


This game made it onto my list of 10 scary indie horror games from 2021! I thought this one was fantastic and an amazing ride from start to finish (pun absolutely intended) An intriguing premise with some great events and scares along the way. Highly recommended.

is there a way to download it?

Not as of yet. The game is web-based and would require a local web server to run.

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ok. Thank you anyway and I really liked the game

yes! love it


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