It's a late night and you were craving burgers. It's time to ride home.

Burger & Frights is a short horror game in which the player rides a bike throughout a dark forest. The game was inspired by games such as Rides with Strangers, and a certain horror movie by John Carpenter.

The game is best played in fullscreen mode.


The game is controlled using the mouse and keyboard. The control scheme is displayed ingame.


The full credits are in the game.

Feedback and bug reports will be most welcome!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Ghosts, Horror, Monsters, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror

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This game was amazing! There was amazing scares and an unsettling environment all around It also wrapped up with a good ending to everything. 10/10



I played this on my phone with a controller and was surprised it actually plays well on phone. Just got push the d-pad, that simple. The game had a nice twist at the end.

Dang.....I thought I was winning but clearly I was not. Great game! A++

It's amazing

Wait, so you were driving a car and you killed the girl riding the bike and she wanted revenge? That's what i'm getting from the ending. Someone tell me if I'm wrong.

when i saw the girl for the first time i was like "oh hell no!"

this game at

the amount of times I got scared by this is crazy I love this game and the story it had definitely worth playing I had to make a video on it enjoy me getting scared left and right 

istg, this gave me so many heart attacks

This is a great game GoodJob!


That was cool:)

POV: It won't let you play but your still rate it well

buen juego y la historia es un poco e casi no la entendi XD

Absolutely LOVED this game! CRAZY TWIST!   

Awesome Game. Really Enjoyed it. 

POG Thanks Satan for the rescue!!


Hey, so I did a stream of this game. (Thought it would be cool and all that.) I do believe an explanation is needed. I need to know, WHAT IS ON THE BURGER?? PLEASE. TELL ME. Oh, and I made it into a video! <3

i played this game in the middle of the night and it's was really, really scary! i love it!

great game !!!!!!

vafan händer i Malmö bror 💀

this game… it has got super great atmosphere. loved it.

This was great. Really enjoyed it. 

is there a button where i can click to download the game???

no but you can play it in your browser


Bike riding late at night is crazy!?

Nice game tho

is there a way you can perhaps make the game to where people can download it, so they don't have to go to just to play the game?

i shit my panties


I LOVED THIS GAME SO SO SO MUCH! Thank you for such an enjoyable horror game. 


I pretty much have the plot of the Game figured out: You get into a Car accident, and kill someone. Some rando Demon Girl that probably had a terrible life see's an advantage at putting you into a Purgatory, a Burger n' Bike purgatory! However Satan realises "Yo this Mofo ain't dead." sends the Demon girl to Hell, and sends you back to the Overworld, where you probably go to Jail. 

Amazing Plot, good mechanics and some good Scares make this a really good Horror Game! Keep it up my man!


Nice game

dude... This game is really good :0

Great Game!

maybe use the mouse to turn is better

That was amazing!! Great job here, really loved it!

Nice mini game, I like it. Almost no jumpscares, which is great always. I appreciate!

Cool game, dude. Thank you.

I completed the entire game listening to this in the background😂😂

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