TRIWAR is a strategy game about revenge and triangles. The high priestess of Tressia shall vindicate her fallen civilization by transforming the very life of her enemies.

TRIWAR can be played in the browser using keyboard+mouse (highly recommended), mouse-only or with touch devices.

The game was coded in pure Javascript ES6 (so no Internet explorer, sorry). An interesting sidenote: This is the first game I've made which is completely devoid of graphical assets. Everything in the game is rendered through Javascript as 2D shapes. As a result this game will render crisply at any resolution.

Another tidbit: The AI in this game was based on a boids-like model, with each unit type having its own rules:

All sounds effects were once again generated using the as3sfxr tool:

I hope you enjoy the game!


Download 11 MB


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Nice job 👍