Tower of Bullets is a short bullet hell game made for Bullet Hell Jam 2021. Beware, this game is very difficult, like Bullet Hell tradition stipulates.

About the game:

You are a lone wanderer seeking power. Have you bitten off more than you could chew?


Move: Arrow keys or WASD
Dash: Z or space


Music from
Electrobeep track loop.8 Bits music by frankum licensed under CC0 1.0
Industrial Wack1.wav by visual licensed under CC0 1.0

Sound effects created using as3sfxr and jfxr.

The font was created by Jerom at


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Dash hitbox is broken af

i think the game could do well with a checkpoint every 2-3 levels, just to allow you to breathe, because sometimes things feel like bullshit, and one bad minute can ruin your entire playthrough

nice luck based game lol


i've died so many times because a bullet spawned where i was standing, that is not fair

the first level is exclusivly luck based which is annoying as hell

Hey Donitz! I was wondering if we could get in touch because I am interested in adding tower of bullets to my website!

enter the gungeon

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no? enter the gungeon isnt the only bullet hell game

Very fun game! Would be great to get controller support in the future


The patterns aren't hard in any way, at least to me as an arcade player, the game is just clunky, I felt like I was fighting the engine, the graphics are good but the dashes feel horrible, also, I think I feel inertia, bullet hells should not have inertia.

This may feel like an harsh review but I'm not trying to appear as an harsh person.

If you have a day where you're gaming and ran out of podcasts, I really recommend this one about shmup design in general:

This game is in no way a shmup but judging by the bullet hell maybe you would be interested in watching this.

Thank for you the detailed feedback. You are right, there is inertia added to the game. I usually add just a tiny bit of inertia + reactivity to make players feel ever so slightly smoother. When there is 0 inertia, the controls can feel very stiff and rigid, like you're moving a tank.

I agree that the dashes feel kinda bad. It's due to a combination of factors other people have also pointed out.

- There is no grace time after landing
- You won't dash if you release the key too early
- And in my opinion, the dash is maybe a bit too long


Yep, it's hard. But also, perhaps, a bit too much is left to chance so that it relies more on luck than on skill. It's also a pity that if you died, you drop down to level 1. Just my two cents :-) 

Game too hard