The Infinite Armada is a small game/procedural generation demo I made over the weekend for the PROCJAM game jam. The optional theme was: Change.

I've made several ship generators before. One in Adobe Flash and one in Javascript for JS1k. Procedural Generation is a fascinating topic and there are so many cool ideas for things you can make.

The spaceships are generated from stacking together different sprites from a large collection of pre-drawn basic shapes. Various operations are performed on the ship such as painting a new material over it, creating sub-sections of the ship which are then repeatedly copied, randomly increasing the height of parts of the ship, and so on. At the end a bunch of accessories are attached to the ship.


"8Bit sounds » gun9.wav" by Tissman licensed under CC0 1.0
"Return of the Mars Mission.wav" by esistnichtsoernst licensed under CC0 1.0
"Retro_Explosion_07.wav" by MATRIXXX_ licensed under CC0 1.0

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TagsExplosions, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, PROCJAM, random, Retro, Sci-fi, Space


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This game is simple but fun. I love the pixel art and the controls this is just amazing! Great Job!

This put such a smile on my face.  This is so cool.


I love the atmosphere, the quirky looking ships, the pixel art, the simple but engaging interaction with the ships (rather than cycling them with a button, having to destroy them) and how different the ships all feel. Well done!


i like it