This is the short story of Sven, a regular guy living in a regular town.

Play in fullscreen for the best experience.

Sven is my entry for the Ludum Dare 43 jam. The theme was "Sacrifices must be made".

Attribution of music:

Tension and Chase! - Disturbed Horror Loop by JessKawaiiXxX / CC BY 3.0
Undead Pulse.wav by Lilliryth-SFX / CC BY 3.0
Lounge Ambient Music Loop by orangefreesounds / CC BY-NC 3.0

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Tags2D, Comics, Horror, Ludum Dare 43
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how many hit till you can kill the boss


gg reached both endings


Hack: If you press Windows+D, stay at the home screen for a few seconds, and then press Windows+D again, all the black bullets from the final boss will disappear automatically. So you can just shoot him a lot of times and dodge all the counter-bullets easily to win the game.

Yepp, this was before I understood that you need to limit delta time to reasonable timespans to avoid game breaking bugs such as teleporting through walls or this.

i tried it... BUT IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!!!!

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my record on the black thing is 48 hits

Edit: I beat the black thing :)  Discovered you can go up behind his head and dodge most of his shots that way.

this wont work now


I really enjoyed playing this game. It was great from start to finish and I like the storyline surrounding it. The simple graphical style is nicely done and the accompanying music really goes well. I certainly recommend this to others and have done a little video showing my walk through, including all 3 endings. Great work! 

That was a great in-depth walkthrough. Thank you for making a video on this game!

My pleasure. It was a great game to play and I thoroughly enjoy it! 

what does it take to destroy that black thing at the end? 

It shoots a bullet each time you hit it. You need to shoot it slowly to not get overwhelmed.

and how many bullets would it take to kill him?


i think it should be like you shoot 1 bullet the black thing shoots one or maybe like you have multiple hits before you die.  


i cant beat that black boss so i melt with him

Btw, still says compo here even though it was submitted as jam.

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Oh yeah. I meant a general competition, not the category compo. Fixed.