Surgevania is a short but intense metroidvania game inspired by games like Environmental Station Alpha and Monolith. The game was made for Metroidvania Month 8.

NOTE: There are two third-party music tracks included in the game.

Move - Arrows
Fire - X
Alt-fire - Z
Mute - M

The controls are further explained ingame. Some abilities require a combination of inputs.

They two music tracks were both created by Sirkoto51 and are licensed under CC BY 3.0

The font was created by Jerom at

All other assets were created from scratch. The sound effects were created using as3sfxr.

If you like the game's palette, here it is!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, Difficult, Fast-Paced, Metroidvania, monochrome, Shoot 'Em Up


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WOW. One of the best metroidvanias on this site. The time limit really stressed me out, but I won with 45 seconds left and it was... immersive. Great job.  Please make more metroidvanias! It would be a day one buy


Here's a playthrough. Really enjoyed it, though I did get completely swerved by that room with all the booby trap buttons.


Really cool game, maybe I messed up a bit too often.
Just barely beat the game with like 13 seconds left :-)
Probably didnt help thatI wanted to collect all powerups too :-)

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Very nice design! I like the combination of skills! And two button controls, was it enforced by some fantasy console or just an extra challenge?

The progression is nice despite the difficulty of having a open level. Of course, metroidvania unlocks help manage that so I never felt I was “in the wrong place” except when there were no checkpoints for a moment and I was wondering if I wasn’t approaching a boss too early (see more below).

I find too bad that it doesn’t explain you can press X then Z to land mines, it turns bullets into mines and adds another layer of tactics. It’s nice to discover but I think it may be part of the core explanations. How to use them efficiently, would be the player’s job.

There are still a few quirks:

  • some long corridors / chain of screens without checkpoints (esp. in the bottom-right area)
  • checkpoints not displayed on map, at some point I didn’t save before a difficult challenge and when coming back, I realized I could have saved by going to a neighboring cell already visited just before going to the challenge
  • it’s unfortunately bound to the 4-color palette, but it’s hard to see in the middle of a mess of your own mines and bullets, and your enemies’ (esp. where you’re used to shmup with different colors for enemy bullets). This becomes critical in some bullet hell sections (although depending on your strategy you can be more defensive and shoot fewer bullets while making things last longer).


I hurried to the last boss room as I had 10 seconds (*) left, wasn’t fully prepared but it was a challenge to make it with 4 hearts. I noticed you can move onto the boss which opened new possibilities (I switched from defensive to aggressive… and it worked).

* I like the countdown putting pressure on you, it makes the experience feel very intense. But… don’t tell me it’s a Metroidvania countdown? ;)

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Thank you for the in-depth feedback. It's always helpful to know how things could be improved.

Originally I had meant to add certain types of enemies that could only be killed by the mine bullets which you discovered, like an enemy with a permanent shield around it. I had to cut it due to lack of time.

The countdown is actually a magic countdown:

I trust you have played Undertale :)

Sure, you’re welcome.

The cut enemies would be like ships with shields on the sides than can only be hit vertically? Ah, reminds me of Zelda: Skyward Sword…

The slide on the Magic Countdown page shows a linear law, which means the countdown is meant to reach zero with a square law. I guess with an inverse exponential law, you could make it last indefinitely too. Or you could actually implement the Being Watched system but you’d need an eye tracker (but it would work at low cost in a first-person game where you watch time on a diegetic clock!)


As usual, your games are a masterpiece for my taste buds :) They are the right amount of time for me, they are interesting to explore, with interesting new stuff to find and acquire :)

GOOd job, you make a game simple and fun

Nice work, i like it!!