Strangelet Kitty is an entry for the Triple Trijam special event. The selected theme was: Chain Reaction

Strangelet Kitty was made in 9 hours, with a build created every third hour. Only the final build is playable on this page, but the other two builds can be downloaded and run locally in Firefox or Chrome (no need for a local web server).

About the game

You are a kitty.


Run using the left and right arrow keys and jump using X.


Sound effects created using as3sfxr.
The music loop is "7.wav" by rap2h licensed under CC BY 3.0

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Tagscat, Retro, Trijam


Download 29 kB
Download 27 kB
Download 2 MB


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Amazing! Really good i

I enjoyed it. Cats are my favorite animal so this experience made it even better.


GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i win it in 1 min and 07 sec lol

So cool and beautiful!!!

haha epic kitty of awesomeness <3

How do you know that developer will put some nasty traps in game? He binds jump to something other then spacebar =)

Awesome game. Was a bit frustrated when next level become fullscreen of traps cause I do not trust big levitating white suspicious cat heads xD

Dude, this game is awesome! The art style is amazing to be only made on 9 hours, on top of that the controls are responsive and fun to play, greate game!