Someone or something is stealing our time. Today was yesterday and tomorrow is nowhere to be seen. Detective Clay is on the case!

Retrohaunt was created for js13kgames 2019, and won third place. As the name implies, the game uses less than 13 kilobytes.

Controls: Move using the arrow keys

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Tagsjs13k, js13kgames, Pixel Art, Robots


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the end is crazy hahaha , did not expect it

me encantan los juegos en los que tienes que esquibar cosa por ejem jus shapes and bits undertale etc... muy buen juego lo volveria a jugar 11/10

I loved this game. It was the combination of the art style, the time travel mechanics, and I thought it was really neat that you could reverse it past your character's experienced time. Before the bubble was introduced, I was even still having fun without the main mechanic. I've been following you for a bit, so I really thought this would be another spooky maze kinda game, like Dreader. Though, I enjoyed the change.

Thank you :)

It was a fun project to make too. Can't wait for this year's js13k.

This is super good. The clever introduction to the rules, without any writing, and the time theme toyed with the whole game. I also love the variety of the puzzles, and the contrasts of tense speedy levels and carefully patient levels. Inspired and intelligent

Cool idea for GameJam