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I really love all your games and how its all playable on browser.

Now I can play on my Chromebook!


This is amazing! is there a version I can download onto my computer for offline use?

I would need to package the app using electron or tauri for it to work offline. I'm not really comfortable recommending people to install a local webserver to run it.

Hey, Donitz! I really wanted to interview you about the games you make. What’s the best place to contact you?

How do I export these as gifs? like I see in the sidebar 

Using the Save animated PNG button.

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Thank you for this very useful program.


This is such a wonderful tool and can add so much variety to our games.  This is great for bullet hells but I can also see these designs being utilized in other cases, like portals, trippy backgrounds, etc.

very cool


wow im, hooked

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Love your work!

Any chance we could get a store and reload on the parameters as a whole? it would be handy to revert back after using the mutate button.

Excited to see what you come up with next.

Thank you!

Done, now the mutate button only mutates the last orb until you decide to apply the mutation.


Works great!


Very nice! Looks like unity.


Nice! I love using procgen stuff cause I am not very creative myself and sometimes I just like looking at the wacky outcomes.