About the game:

Pressing Under Pressure is a short puzzle game inspired by classics like The Impossible Quiz. The game was created in 10 days for the 10 day themed game jam with the theme: Ascension.

Test your wits against a series of click-based puzzles... and survive.


Click or touch the button.


All the credits are ingame.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Clicker, Difficult, First-Person, one-button, Short
AccessibilityOne button


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very good game. i beat it in about 10 attempts.

For some reason, with the half-time one, even when I don't press because of the spider I lose... Otherwise, great game! I had a lot of fun until I got to the annoying ceiling spider part rip

im confused an the 5th one

I am so scard when it says 

Do you like jump scard

It is difficult for me. 

it's unkind for someone foreign

does a star not have 5 corners?


it should be 5 but the game says 10

same here it killed me when i got the star and i pressed five times

I pressed after half time and still lost I don’t know what I did wrong :(

Never mind I’m dumb there was a spider

Wanted to test myself...realised I cannot follow a simple set of instructions. Great.

Great video! Jumpscare gotcha!


Awesome. You've made a lot of awesome games.

can u even win tho?!


yes :)


I've gotten about 1000 fatal failures


Achievement unlocked - Noob - be trash lmao

jk jk

(1 edit)

one of the best games i ever played. Very creative, simple but tense. Love it :)

Great end btw 

It somehow reminds me of the Watson Scoot Test.

I tried pressing jumpscare and thought it would do it at the end rather than interrupting a different one. But the 1/2 time thing, that was just unfair.

This is so cool!

Great game

Thank you!


You got me with that "release"

Yeah, it was a bit of a cruel trick I admit.

got me too

Great game and visuals, took a while but i finished... sure glad i remembered all those required numbers ಠ_ಠ oh and my dreams are now haunted by that horrifying jumpscare.

I wanted to test it, but the "jumpscare" comment frightened me.