Is somebody there?

Best played in fullscreen with headphones.


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This was really spooky! I didn't expect what happened at the end (no spoilers). Very well done! This is the third game in my video if anyone is interested. Really made for a strong ending!

very scary

made a video for this. Great game 

It's good & cute

Can't believe this scared me!

LoL! That was great!

this game is scary and fun and i recommend this game


That was pretty good. Turn it into a FNAF type game and it would be quite the entertainment.


Haha. That game me a good scare. While I knew it was gonna come out. I just didn't know how or when. Just hitting the On and Off switch in hope of timing it.  Good way you choose to scare the player. Simple and yet effective. '

Short and fun if you are after a good scare. 


I'm a weenie. I cannot handle stuff like this.