Is somebody there?

Best played in fullscreen with headphones.


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imagine anxiety but spoopier


that spooped me


Man said let me help you out, then changed his mind

This is a really cool concept. I really enjoyed this game!

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Honestly, I got scared at the end, I was talking to my chat and all of a sudden I went to turn the lights on there was a hand, I jump. And then he came out, I got my chair cause I got scared.

This game is short and creepy/scary, I do recommend this.

What a really cool short concept idea for a game. I enjoyed it. nicely done.


Pretty cool short horror game, scary, simple, and very tense. But i think that if we had a little of back history the game would be even better, cause i was a little confused. why am i turning the lights on and off all the time?

but is a cool game yh

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lmao he turned on the light to be nice then killed me

Who else knew what the game was about bcs of the title and thumbnail cool game ;-;

wow that was cool but freaky i loved it so 


Short and cool, loved it.

Well I almost pissed myself. Good horror game.

thats a very cool aspect of when the lightning strikes than there is another shadow behind you. 10/10


(∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ Main objective: Turn the lights, on and off.

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this game is hot the man is hot

i got startled from that game


what is the point of this game i know theres meant to be a jumpscare at some point but what do i do apart from flick light


You have to wait.




i hate the freaking flashing light it freaks me out 

bro i saw the wabbly head and was scared and well the hand and the blood....... dont know y but i got happy and almost laghed ata the face hand and blood bro. like i almost got caught playin games

fun game amazing


tax person: DON'T PLAY WHITH LIGHTS. me:...............ok

flick flick flick flick flick flick


my power bill is gonna be so high


me: flick flick flick oh hello your face looks funy




Best short horror experienced I have ever played. 10/10

Literally covered my mouth so I wouldn't scream. 10/10 

is good game 

jesus you scared me


I don't know why, vut I laughed when I saw the head.

I played in daylight, half-screen, no headphones, and switched the tab every minute, but it still kept me nervous
Great job!

Wow, this really spooked me!

you deserve 5 stars for scaring the crap out of me!


got me for sure :D

Nice game um i did not expect the ending 

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