Mirror match was intended to be a js1k.com entry, but due to the size limitation I believe it's an impossible goal for this game. The smallest size achieved was ~2330 bytes, but the game logic can only be cut down so much.

The gimmick of the game is that the enemy AI mimics you. It finds the best matching mirrored state of the board, and does what you did in that situation. Can you go 20 rounds against your own tactics?

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Tagsbattle-arena, machine-learning, mimicry, vs


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cool game! very creative.

i found the way!!!!!!!!

amazing game ans concept

didnt mimics me

i beat it. 

fantastic game btw.

I feel so powerful when I beat it first try.


I like how actively trying to fight the Ai and play the game normally is a neigh impossible way to win, instead, just do nothing and let the AI come to you and you win every time. I feel like there is something philosophical about this...


Just walk up to "yourself", wait a while then spam shoot

I won... finally

this is sick


It is very hard, but I did it.



this is great. i figured out that if you play stupid for a while, it tricks the ai into being stupid too and it wont shoot at you

I LOVE THIS!! great job, but i still havent been able to beat myself lol