Lunar Terror is a first-person survival horror game taking place in the vacuum of the Moon. Your objective is to find a lost Astronaut... Should be easy.

The game is best played in fullscreen mode.

Controls: Mouse + WASD

Sound credits are in the game.


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I'l admit, it made me jump once. lol...Here's my video: 

Nice video too! The brightness was a bit dark. I'll make a brightness slider for the next game.


Short but good! Little easy though! 


Ooo, you almost got caught. Yeah it's a one-hit KO. Thanks for playing the game!


I had fun playing! Easy mechanics and great jump scares. It's short and to the point which is nice. Great job!

Great video and reactions! You almost won on the first try which had me a bit surprised. I thought I made the monster a bit too difficult.

I think making the monster randomly generate is a great add on, it made a good challenge!