Lunar Terror is a first-person survival horror game taking place in the vacuum of the Moon. Your objective is to find a lost Astronaut... Should be easy.

The game is best played in fullscreen mode.

Controls: Mouse + WASD

Sound credits are in the game.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, maze, Monsters, moon, Retro, Short, Survival Horror


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for some reason I cant click the 2nd button. at all. like I don't know if this is just for me but it seems kind of broken.


You can't click the generator buttons before you get to the next objective.

ahhh ok ty

The never-ending perils of lunar investigation. Just be glad you aren't in the Nixonverse. Cool little experience, 6.7/10.


I made it on the first try but it got really tense at times. Good job.
I like how the only sounds in the game are those made inside the suit, however I think the breathing sounds a bit odd, it's like deep exhales over and over, too rapidly to have inhaled in between.


that was the best game i have played in a long time


I had a great time playing this game! Even before the 'monster' appeared the atmosphere was nail-biting with the breathing effect in the background. The monster was well balanced and challenging and forced you to have to loop around to get to where you wanted and yep, as you can guess you wind up getting lost! (In a good challenging way). Thank you Dev!

easy win, i love it

I know this sounds stupid but what do the numbers on the screen mean?

I loved it! Me and my girl played through this and she flipped over and broke her back good game well done.

Your girl?

lol, not that scary, HARD, but not scary, gg



probably pushed the alien to much

Liked how not all of the paths were "if it spawns go a different direction" but the one on the right of the elevator was about manipulating its spawn place to get past a funnel.

Overall good game. Very creepy and unsettling atmosphere, good scares, and a decent story.

I don't have full free roam! Please help!!!!


I'l admit, it made me jump once. lol...Here's my video: 

Nice video too! The brightness was a bit dark. I'll make a brightness slider for the next game.


Short but good! Little easy though! 


Ooo, you almost got caught. Yeah it's a one-hit KO. Thanks for playing the game!


I had fun playing! Easy mechanics and great jump scares. It's short and to the point which is nice. Great job!

Great video and reactions! You almost won on the first try which had me a bit surprised. I thought I made the monster a bit too difficult.


I think making the monster randomly generate is a great add on, it made a good challenge!