"Just why?" is a brutally difficult classic mouse maze game.  Your goal is simple. Reach the end of the maze using your mouse.

The game was created as 48 hour compo entry for Ludum Dare 54 - Theme: Limited space

The controls are:
Left click to start and stop dragging the player (the little dot) and pause the game.
Right click to place a checkpoint (you only get two per reset).

This game is ABSOLUTELY best played in fullscreen mode (unless you have ant-man eyes).

That's it! Can you make it through the maze?

The game was coded in Vanilla JavaScript. It uses 2D canvas for rendering. The pixel art was all created in GIMP, and a Python script was used for packaging the sprites into a TexturePacker compatible format.

Sound effects were created using sfxr.me

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
TagsDifficult, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 54, mouse-maze, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Retro, single-screen
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finaly did it , good game

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oh man that was challenging!

it's too easy to double click and use both save at once by accident, same for left clicking. Please make a small cooldown between adding checkpoints! thanks.

i love the simple art style & moving pieces! inspiring me

Loved the game concept, having no saves would have been annoyingly difficult, but having only two unmodifiable saves seems to hit just the right spot.
amazing game

I sure hope there isn't a scary jumpscare sound at the end hah

Hey Donitz, how can I reach out to you regarding a partnership? I'm looking for some fun browser-based, non Unity, games to test out a new tournament system (easy to integrate, runs on top of your game logic). In our test the results were great in terms of increasing retention as people keep playing the game to get a higher score on the leaderboard. So now I'm looking for some games that want to try it (zero cost, we'll run the tournament, provide a prize etc).

Hello! You can message me at Libera chat at the username Donitz. Your idea sounds interesting, though it would probably be rather hard to prevent cheating.

thanks for getting back to me and yes anti-cheat will be a challenge, but I like a challenge ;) I'll checkout Libera, never used it before.

for some reason I can't find you, I get: ⚠ No such nick/channel

I'm probably doing something wrong

Yeah, computer was off today.

I made a channel: #Donitz-itch :D and my account is CereNetwork

maybe we can try another way -> do you use discord? you can join our channel: https://discord.com/invite/cYVKUYHWhp and then I'll make a private channel to talk

Awesome! :)

See what I did here :)

Hmm... Did you slow down time?

wait how?

You really did just SWIPED your mouse through everything and saved?


Very good!

Very cool game.Love the asthetic

this was just so incredible and such a throwback, I really hope this becomes a genre on itch, I loved playing this so much

There's going to be a monster that pops up and screams at me at the end of this thing isn't there...

Not in this one.

I escaped (?) 

solid game! love the cooler scheme and the mechanics design :D reminds me of the countless full-paged pencil dungeon rooms when I was little

infuriating!!! but the sense of completion at the end is totally worth it :) awesome stuff!!

This is going to be fun :D