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Nice job dude! Simple but scary and creepy! Please watch it and subscribe!


i died while trying to open the door


is that supposed to happen? smae thing happened to me, GAME OVER. guess i'm dead then

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I absolutely loved it... Even though the ending threw me off lol 


good game it had me constantly alert and aware of my surroundings looking for that monster.starts at exactly 3:00.


loved this! the ending was actually kind of cute to me like 'aww look at that monster's big smile'. i had my back to the wall looking around frantically lol


I enjoyed this! The little nudges of something there you can't quite see, if that was intentional it was brilliant! My playthrough starts at 16:13 :)

This got me good. I did not expect what happened and I have to say I loved what you have. Please expand more as a creator because this stylish peep wants to see you expand yourself as a gaming dev. If you want to see my thoughts and my reactions check out my video here:

I am watching the video right now! You are hilarious!

Thanks haha I try to be andthank you again for posting an awesome game keep it up.

Spooky!!! Made me jump a lot lol

i liked it freaked me out at first haha