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Clever use of mechanics and really nice visual design!

after countless days I FINALLY BEAT IT

Good but hard.

Hello !

I made a small video with the compilation of games on the theme "Runner"!

I played, I liked it! Good luck in the future with other projects!


quiero descargarlo para cuando no tenga internet pero como

my only complaint is the mouse visible on screen

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Very cool concept! Suprinsingly interesting way to deal with a single input. The music and art is quite good too o/


Surprisingly challenging to figure out how to get past the obstacles even with such a small move set. Pretty fun. It was pretty annoying to have to keep restarting from the beginning each death, though. Checkpoints would be a wonderful addition.

i dont know if its the point of the game but just allow players to use arrow keys please

Nice! I'd enjoy a slower learning curve, maybe starting with just a few ground saws and leaving the left saw wall for a later stage. 

Cool game. Its pretty hard.